ScanKar allows customers to browse your digital food menu and order directly from their phone for Dine-In, Take-Away & Delivery maintaining social distancing and hygiene. A Digitalized Modern way to serve food Let the guests enjoy your hotel’s seamless In-Room services and other facilities with ScanKar while you track their requests and ensure to satisfy their requirements. Efficient In-room services tracking User-friendly interface with various tools to customize & manage your store’s digital catalog in order to increase sales and making your customer’s experience hassle-free. Convenient digital way to run your store

Why Choose Scankar ?

Covid-19 is a wakeup call for all Businesses who thought they can survive offline in this Digital Era. It’s simple – if you’ve not found a way to get your Business online, you are doomed.

This pandemic has changed how we socially interact and go out. But fear not, we have found a way to digitize your Business even if you own a traditional one.

ScanKar is the Next generation technology for restaurants, hotels, café & various retailers to provide digital menu to their customers and help them order with a few simple clicks. It Increases your reach, allows customers to order hygienically & conveniently, and saves time.


Customers can order by simply using their smartphones.


Removes unnecessary interaction by eliminating the role of the mediator to place orders.


Menu can be easily customized through our website. Say goodbye to the old menu cards.


A hygienic way of ordering translates to less fear and more customers.

Scankar Services


Run your restaurant operations smoother than ever with ScanKar

Popular Features
  • POS integration
  • Waiter on Call
  • No cost menu engineering


Digitalize the way you manage your guest in-room services & enhance your guest experience

Popular Features
  • In room dining services
  • Real-time Feedback
  • Additional services request


ScanKar gives you a hassle free experience of running your business

Popular Features
  • Digital catalogue
  • Manage delivery & pick up
  • Branding

ScanKar Features

Digital menu easy to renovate

Update your restaurant menu or digital catalogue in just few clicks. Change price, add products and remove sold-out products from digital menu.

Mobile Ordering

Empower your customer by let them order through their phone by just scanning a bar code. Stay Distant-Avoid Unnecessary Touching-Stay Safe

Showcase Best Selling

Highlight your recommendations with detailed information and photo to boost your sales with your restaurants specialties & special offers in your store.


Time is money, save the precious time of your customers and optimize staff performance with our Service calling system.

Cost and time saving

No need to spend lot of money and time again to print/update menu. Every change in menu with some few clicks.

Customer Feedback System

Prioritize your customers with our simple feedback system to hear customer requests and observations to improve customer satisfaction.

User Interface

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    Our Clients


    The Phoenix club

    ScanKar indeed is useful software for my business, it makes easy for me to make decisions for my restaurant. I can keep track of daily sales and it’s makes my bookkeeping very transparent

    Mr. Rishabh Goel

    Cafe Cibo

    ScanKar has helped us in easing our operations, easy to handle and minimum supervision required

    Mr. Akhil Arora

    Big Bun Cafe

    ScanKar didn’t only help us in running our dine-in operations but also helped in increasing sale in takeaway & delivery orders

    Mr. Narendra Negi

    Black Pearl

    ScanKar is very user-friendly software for our staff & our customers as well, minimum cost & maximum

    Mr. Dinesh Negi

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